Google Hacking Refers to the use of advanced google search operators for creating complex search queries to extract sensitive or hidden information that helps attackers find vulnerable targets

Google Operators

now if you wana search something you will use these operators and you gona be amazed

[cache:] Displays the web pages stored in the google cache
[link:] List web pages that have links to the specified web page
[info:] Presents some information that google has about particular web page
[related:] List web pages that are similar to the specified web page
[site:] Restricts the results to those website in the gived time
[allintitle:] Restricts the results to those websites containing all the search keywords
[intitle:] Restrickts the results to documents containing the search keyword in the URL
[location:] Find information for a specific location
[allinurl:], [inurl:]

Advance Google hacking refers to the art of creating complex search engine queries. Queries can retrieve valuable data about a target companu from google search results. Through google we can find websites that are vulnerable to exploitation. We can use google hacking database a database of queries, to identify sensitive data.

For Example [carding site:] this query gives information on carding from the