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How long dumps last:

This question no one can answer. You might be able to make a good prediction of how long they will last if you think of time and the dump type. For instance. If you have a classic dump, its 11:30 AM and you make a variety of small (Under $20) purchases. Odds are youre going to get that card to last a lot longer than a classic dump thats doing $300 purchases at 7:30 PM. Think of the cardholders work hours. They will usually be 9 AM to 5 PM. That is when their card is idle so to speak.

Choosing your cashier:

This is probably one of the more fun things to do while instoring. Usually 90% of the time, Minorities and Younger Girls make the best choice for cashing out. Minorities include, Blacks, Mexicans, and Asians if you were wonderings. The reason you want to choose these types for your cashiers are because they are usually the easiest to manipulate. In some cases you are going to have to use a normal person to cashout. But try not to make it a habit.

Interactions with the cashier:

In order to safely get your items out of the store successfully, you will need to know how to interact with the cashier. To in a sense manipulate them. When you bring your stuff up to the cashier act normal. If it is a large amount they might say something nice to you mentioning the amount of merchandise you are buying. Just play with it and make them feel good aswell. If you make the cashier not feel comfortable they will think something is up if any error happens. Which will sometimes if you are planning on doing a lot of instore.

Errors and Excuses:

As I was saying above, there are going to be errors now and then. Now most are very easy to talk your way out of. But in some cases youre going to need to know when you try and grab your novelty and card and just run. That will most likely not happen if youre only doing this a few times but for people who are planning to do this more often it is most likely going to happen atleast once. I have listed below a few common errors and how to handle them.

Optional Pre-Excuse – LWAI brought this excuse method to a lot of peoples attention and it is a very good idea in most cases. Making the cashier already think that the transaction will not go through so they are not surprised by the error, which makes handling the situation much easier. Saying something as easy as I hope I have enough to cover this or anything around those terms is good.

Declined – Once you spend and spend on a good dump there has to be an ending point. Usually with dumps that will not die this is the final step to completing it. Hopefully you will have another card on you to hand the cashier. If you don’t thats fine too.

If you have another card – Oh, I thought that was going to happen. Here try my other card. If you do not have another card – I will be right back. I’m going to go get my check book / go to the ATM.

Call For Authorization – This one can be tricky if you do not have the right cashier. This is something you DO NOT want the cashier to do. A call for authorization is basically the store calling the bank or the stores authorization center in order to confirm that it is the actual cardholder making the purchase. If this happens just stay calm.

If you have another card – I don’t have that much time, Ill call the bank later. Try my other card. If you do not have another card – I don’t have that much time for this Ill call my bank and come back tomorrow.

If they persist on making the call, put your hand out as if they were going to give you your plastic back. Doing this tends to put some stress on the cashier as to whether or not give the card back to you. They usually will put the card back in your hands.

Do Not Honor – This will happen every now and then and is probably the easiest to overcome. The cashiers will sometimes just ask you if you have another card.

If you have another card – Hand them the card and say you’ll call the bank about that one. If you do not have another card – Oh, I will call my bank about that tomorrow (then leave)

Those are the most common problems you are going to find. Of course there are more error codes. There are about 50 of them. But by the time you manage to talk yourself out of these you will have enough experience to talk yourself out of the rest.

Selling your items:

There are a vast amount of ways for you to liquidate your items. The best way to do so is on ebay. I am not going to go into a large description because then this tutorial would change to how to sell your items or scam on ebay. You can either buy an account from a vendor or get a B&M bank account and create your own. I do not suggest using your own ebay account. A lot of people have in the past and even if a good amount havent been caught, you do not want to be that small percent that does.

Here is another area that can be done in a lot of ways. I will tell you to not put the money in your legit bank account. If you were thinking that, you should take a minute and think again. You could store your money on an electronic bank account service such as egold, or webmoney. Or if you want
more control over your money, you could keep it all in a well hidden safe. Using an electronic bank account instead has a higher security rate. As if anything was to happen to you involving LE, odds are they will not find your information for that account. Which means they would not have access to your
funds because they would not know it exists.

End Notes:

Thank you for taking your time to read this tutorial. I hope it was worth your time! I also hope that everyone who is inspired by this reply with any words or questions they would like to say. Good luck to all of you!

Merchant Codes:

Quote:00 Approved
01 Refer to Card Issuer
02 Refer to Card Issuer, special condition
03 Invalid Merchant
04 Pick up card
05 Do not honor
06 Error
07 Pick up card, special condition
08 Honor with identification
09 Request in progress
10 Approval for partial amount
11 Approved VIP
12 Invalid Transaction
13 Invalid Amount
14 Invalid card number
19 Re-enter transaction
21 No action taken
30 Format Error
41 Lost card Pick up
43 Stolen card Pick up
51 Not sufficient funds
52 No checking account
53 No savings account
54 Expired card
55 Pin incorrect
57 Transaction not allowed for cardholder
58 Transaction not allowed for merchant
61 Exceeds withdrawal amount limit
62 Restricted card
63 Security violation
65 Activity count limit exceeded
75 Pin tries exceeded
76 Unable to locate previous
77 Inconsistent with original
78 No account
80 Invalid transaction date
81 Cryptographic PIN error
84 Pre-authorization time to great
86 Cannot verify PIN
89 MAC error
91 Issuer unavailable
92 Invalid receiving institution id
93 Transaction violates law
94 Duplicate transaction
96 System malfunction

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