Let’s start the Second Part All About Dumps 🙂

B41111111111111111111^LASTNAME/FIRSTNAME^060910100 000000000000000000

B – Identifies to the POS system that your card is a bank card

4111111111111111 – Credit Card Number

Lastname – Lastname of cardholder

/ – Seperater

Firstname – Firstname of cardholder

06 – Expiration Year

09 – Experation Month

101 & Beyond – Bank data

Now some vendors will only sell the second track. So that leaves you with trying to figure out how to write track1. Most stores do not check track1 so it is not the most important thing. But to be safe I always include track1. Here is an example of what you will need to do. It is very easy.


If you havent noticed, track2 in most cases is just like track1. To begin making track1, add a B that will indeicate its a Bank card.


Then, youre going to want to change the = to a
^lastname/firstname^ .

B4111111111111111^LASTNAME/FIRSTNAME^0609101000000 00000000

And finally, youre going to add six zeros at the end of the dump.

B4111111111111111^LASTNAME/FIRSTNAME^0609101000000 00000000000000

And thats your dump. Like I said its not hard to create track1 from only having track2. If you soley buy from BadB (soon ccoming back Smile) and linx,Script,Ryden or sniffer you will not have to do this.

Software to encode the dumps – I recommend TheJerms software. It is very self explanatory.

Types of dumps:

People ask me all the time about using generated dumps and if theyre good. I would not use generated dumps. Most of the time they will only work correctly with a certain Bin. And there is a 15% less success rate than using other types of dumps. You might as well use quality dumps in your locations you choose so people will not remember you instead of having errors come up and your face gets noticed more easily.

The best quality dump you will probably find are skimmed dumps. Skimmed dumps mean that the actual card was swiped onto a portable Mag Stripe reader. Therefore, using these you know you will have all of the correct information for track1 and track2.

Hacked dumps are usually taken from databases by you guessed it, hackers. The quality on these are the normal quality thats out there.

Dump types and limits:

I will only discuss so far visa, discover dump limits and a word on amex dumps as I have not encounted any use with mastercard dumps.

Visa Classic – These types of dumps are usually the cheapest to buy from a vendor. I have heard that on average you can get $500 on these types of dumps. But I have been pulled atleast $800 on them. Visa classics have a balance limit of $500 to $3,500. Although the most I have been able to get off of a single classic is $2,600 before an error occurs.

Visa Gold – One step above the classic, These limits start at $3,500 and can double as the cardholder gains good credit. With these you can make higher amounts of purchases.

Visa Platinum – Visa platinum dumps are for the larger purchases mainly. On a good day you can pull off anywhere from $3,000 to $6,000 .

Visa Signature & Business – Signatues are said to have no limits. So for us that means these have the highest limits available. People have said to have gotten anywhere from $5,000 to $20,000 off of these types of dumps.

Discover – I have not used these that much in my past but from what I gathered you can get anywhere from $1,000 to $5,000 on these in one purchase. Using these dumps for multiple purchases will most likely kill the dump before you get past either of those limits. Almost all discover cards begin with a balance of $10,000.

Amex – I have not used these dumps. The reason to that is that you need the correct C** to complete the transaction. It is not embossed, but printed onto the plastic. So you cannot re encode amex dumps. If the C** is not correct when entered, you will automatically get a call for authorization.

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